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A well planned travel itinerary is key to ensuring the success of the entire trip. Five Star Airways specializes in providing a 24/7 guided concierge service, along with discounted rates. Discover one personalized guided concierge service that offers impeccable service at reduced rates. Flexible fares provide peace of mind as a smart online portal puts plans directly in the palm of your hand.

Begin your next trip alongside an affordable white glove flight service. A customized network-based approach backed by a dedicated, knowledgeable team finds your next seat at the lowest possible rate. Watch industry-leading search methods open a world of well priced airfare. You’ll find elevated flight and concierge services at a fraction of the price – here passengers fly in style and SAVE over 60%. View the latest deals available.


Experience with FIVE STAR AIRWAYS



New York - London | Business

Teo Irving is wonderful. Teo took the time to understand my travel preferences and designed an itinerary that exceeded my expectations.He ensured that my trip was both enriching and enjoyable. Top level professionalism.



Los Angeles - Sydney | Business

Maeve Steele is a travel consultant who knows how to make every trip an extraordinary adventure. Her personalized approach makes her a joy to work with. Maeve carefully curated an itinerary that perfectly suited my travel desires, including unique experiences and stunning accommodations. Highly recommend working with her.



Miami - Paris | Business

Daniel Hoffman is a top-notch travel consultant who helped me plan a trip to Europe. He was very patient and attentive to my requests, and provided expert advice on the best places to visit and things to do. Daniel also helped me find the best deals on flights and hotels, and took care of all the details to ensure a seamless travel experience. I highly recommend working with Daniel for all your travel needs.



San Francisco - Dubai | Business

Christian Miller's expertise in ticket sales and his commitment to customer satisfaction were exceptional. He went above and beyond to find me the most convenient flights at competitive prices, ensuring that my travel plans were seamless. Christian's friendly and approachable nature made him a trusted travel advisor.



Chicago - Istanbul | Business

Arthur Grant’s extensive knowledge of airline routes and schedules made a significant difference in my travel planning. He carefully crafted a well-coordinated itinerary that minimized layovers and ensured a smooth journey. Arthur's professionalism and reliability were commendable.



Boston - Rome | Business

Jack Starling's expertise in ticket bookings made my trip planning effortless. He secured the best prices for my preferred dates and ensured a smooth booking process. Jack's prompt responses and attention to detail were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking hassle-free travel arrangements.



Houston - Auckland | Business

Leo Lazer went above and beyond to assist me in booking my international flights. Despite the complexities involved, Leo navigated through different airlines and routes to find the most suitable options for me. His patience and expertise made the whole experience stress-free. So grateful for Leo's service!



Atlanta - Amsterdam | Business

Maeve Steele is a travel consultant who provided exceptional service. She secured me the most convenient flight options at unbeatable prices. I compared multiple agencies, but Maeve's dedication and ability to find the perfect itinerary made all the difference. Thank you, Maeve!



Seattle - Frankfurt | Business

Tyke Williams is a remarkable travel consultant with expertise in solo travel. When I decided to embark on a solo adventure, Tyke crafted an itinerary that allowed me to explore new destinations with confidence and ease. From safe and centrally located accommodations to solo-friendly activities and recommendations for immersive experiences, Tyke's knowledge and attention to detail made my solo trip an incredible and empowering experience. I highly recommend Tyke Williams for anyone seeking a memorable and enriching solo travel journey.


Five Star Airways - A Cut Above The Rest!


Impeccable Service

Now is your opportunity to take an elevated approach to travel! Vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and tons of worthwhile experiences await travelers. We’re by your side every step of the way via one dependable, thorough plan that caters to your direct needs.


Exclusive Deals

Turn to us anytime for a streamlined booking service offering high-quality, competitively priced first and business class flight deals. Exclusive, private negotiations with key partners throughout the travel industry allow us to offer savings up to 60%


Easy Bookings

An intuitive, user-friendly booking platform delivers the best fares for top flights. Extensive search capabilities paired with private contracts with top carriers ensure the best business/first class deals with top carriers to always find you the best business class deals. Quick response times from a talented team address any questions or concerns in minutes.


Flexible Fares

Some things are just impossible to predict – our tailored travel concierge service keeps you flying comfortably no matter what. Rely on a flexible fare policy and 24/7 support to overcome any challenge that appears on the horizon.


24/7 Customer Support

Searching through online published rates can be tedious. We value your time and comfort. Available 24/7, we will comb through thousands of options to secure the best available seats at the lowest prices. By choosing Five Star Airways, you are choosing a safe, smooth journey every time.